BMW M2 · 11. October 2020
With the BMW M2 GTR, the Floßmann Auto Design product range got a new top model. The BMW M2 GTR was created on the basis of a serial car, so the modification to a racing car can be done with less effort. At front and rear, the GTR Kit is 7cm wider (3.5cm on each side). In addition to the M2, the GTR body kit also fits the F22 series model. The development of the M2 GTR has set new standards in design and aerodynamics.
BMW M2 · 18. September 2020
Our brand new BMW F87 M2 GTR Wide Body Kit is now available!
BMW M2 · 18. June 2020
Our new BMW M2 GT4 bonnet is now available!
BMW M2 · 20. June 2019
BMW M2 F87 CSL Bodykit
BMW M2 · 22. February 2019
New BMW M2 Front Bumper with Splitter and Flics now for sale. / / Neue BMW M2 Frontschürze mit Splitter und Fläps ab sofort zum Verkauf.
BMW M2 · 20. February 2019
New BMW M2 Front Fenders available. With top integrated vents in visible carbon. / / Neue BMW M2 Kotflügel jetzt verfügbar. Mit oben integrierten Entlüftungen in Sichtcarbon.